At 13, I learned to cook all the delicious recipes that I could eat at will…
“I have always been overweight since my youngest age. The reason is that my parents worked a lot, and that I found myself alone at home emptying the cupboards and the fridge, that my mother filled with all that pleased me, in compensation for these absences on my return from school.

So like all children my age, stuck in front of my playstation, I ate a lot of sweets, cereals, cookies, chocolates, more sweets, chips, sodas and when I was really hungry, I prepared sandwiches or pasta.

My mother was a masseuse, an excellent masseuse, and she ended up going to work with Sophie Reverdi in her centre. She saw many children coming to her, told her about me, and also pushed me to meet her.

I accepted and started the program. Wednesday afternoons, weekends and holidays, I found myself with a group of children who like me needed to lose weight, in the pool of the centre of Sophie with the sports coach.

Everything was in good humour and joy, and we could spend several hours playing games and moving without realising it.

For cooking it was the same, we learned in the recipe program, the chef prepared them in front of us and we could taste them right away, it was really great.

Behavioural coaching with Sophie, that also had a big impact on me, because she took the time to explain to me well, to listen to me and to understand me and to knew how to find the words, the arguments, that make you want to run, and especially to succeed, to go to the end. She saw in me my strength and helped me to reconnect with it.

The recipes were simple and I could do them at home whenever I wanted. I went from 122 kilos to 70 kilos in the space of 5 or 6 months, it was miraculous, never suffering a single moment and never being frustrated.

I took control, Sophie’s program and accompaniment had boosted me, and I felt invincible for the first time in my life, I wanted to do everything I had never dreamed of .

I started to project myself differently in my life, in my future, I found in me an indescribable strength, linked to my victory over my kilos, I grew and evolved.

I encourage all the young people of my age who have a weight problem to embark on this beautiful adventure with Sophie, do not hesitate, make an appointment right away and start, you will not regret it, I promise you.”