Our programs

Online coaching program / Tutorial videos

The benefits and the price

Our online program, bilingual in French English, contains 220 amazingly interresting and rich tutorial videos for a two months  period, which will be an unconditional ally during the first two months of your program, apart from your live one to one or video conference coaching sessions , or as an autonomous tool.

You should lose a minimum of 5 kilos per month, so about 10 or 12 kilos over the period of the 60 days program

For the price of 120 Euros, you will have daily access, and for 60 days, to daily information and videos, including:

• A behavioral and culinary coaching session with Sophie Reverdi

• A light and organic cooking class with our Chef Patrick Latreille

• A gentle re-initiation session to sport

• Dozens of small drawers containing tips and recipes of the day, stimulation phrases and other important informations.

** all these videos and daily news are held  “your day” tab, and only stays online for 24 hours  But also, we provide you with Weekly informations and videos to be found in “your week” tab,  which will remain on line for 7 days, and includes:

• A weekly video for the breakfasts

• A weekly video for the snacks

• The weekly behavioral and culinary coaching session

• A weekly sports warm-up

• The weekly shopping list, etc…

** This online program does not include a one to one live or video conference coaching session, but at any time, you can decide to book a session with one of our bilingual French and English coaches, to start a coaching session, either at per minute, either as a follow-up session.

One to one live or video conference coaching

The benefits

The first benefit:

Being accompanied in your journey of transformation by a kind and loving coach , who is dedicated to you, and guides you with humanity and gentleness, step by step during your journey, stimulates you, teaches you a lot of essential concepts, strengthens your self-confidence, puts you back on track, a bit like a mom or like a respectful guide whom you can contact every day, and who will be by your side at each stage of the program, this is the first asset. The love that emerges from the bond you have forged with your coach, allows you to feel yourself more fully, to find your marks, to start believing in yourself and love yourself again, and that changes everything.

The second advantage is that:

Without hunger or frustration, since you are going to discover a delicious new cuisine full of common sense, which you can eat without limitation and as many times a day as you want, it will be almost impossible for you to fail to change your habits . You will then experience the joy of a new adventure towards the new you, in serenity, strength and the certainty of success. Our goal is to bring you gently towards this change, which will also allow you to become independent and your own slimming coach for life.

The two month Premium package (1100 euros)

This package includes the 2.5 hour assessment, interpretation and start-up session (300 euros) + 7 weekly 40-minute follow-up sessions (840) + A road book (40 euros) + access to the online program ( 120 euros)

* the package allows you to save 200 euros )