The method

Genesis of a method that works

Sophie Reverdi was an obese child and adolescent. After an operation that left its scars, physically and emotionally, she lost weight but regained it during pregnancy and could not undergo another operation. In 2001 she met Dr.Albert Chocron, and lost 88 pounds. She decided to create a global accompaniment method to change, in order to help overweight and obese people, of which she has been part and suffered as one. She wants to help them to change.

Based in part on a food and nutritional aspect devised by Dr. Albert Chocron, the method is also built on a benevolent, educative spirit of coaching. It was conceived in 2004 under the name “Smart and Light”. Impressed with Sophie Reverdi’s results, the Tunisian Health Ministry and the Institute of Nutrition, as well as international medical experts, have collaborated with Smart and Light since.

The practical aspects of the method

Our objective is to make our method accessible to anyone who wants to change, whatever their lifestyle and wherever they are. The Smart and Light method is today available in many forms : personal coaching, live coaching on skype, e-Learning online program, and the method Logbook. But the fundamentals of our method remain the same whatever the tool being used, and the key aspects of the program are the same.

The smart and Light method is based on :

Learning essential notions, to learn to lose weight naturally, responsibly, in control, but mostly, with pleasure and simplicity

Daily accompaniment of our clients, step by step, until they either have reached their healthy weight or have all the knowledge and  tools to reach it.

A firm, concrete support, so that the client does not feel alone or lost at any time in the program.

Availability even after the clients reach their objectives

Essential notions

To lose weight, and remain slim, you need to learn the change. For Sophie,  real change requires learning essential notions, as well as a daily accompaniment of the clients(SMS, Facebook, phone, Skype)

The mind

The discovery of self, of one’s innermost goals

The discovery of one’s potential, of one’s strength, of one’s aptitude to change

These two aspects  increase the chances of a successful beginning to the transformation.

The food

The discovery of a new way of cooking, extremely well thought out, delicious-looking and tasty,  easy to reproduce at home. A way of cooking offers  tremendous freedom, and few limitations.

The body

The rediscovery of one’s body and its assets; renewing the relationship with one’s body, its dimensions, its possibilities, our desire to move.  to show oneself again, live fully, without  hiding.

Daily life

The discovery of better organization  of one’s daily life, the more responsible  lifestyle, through the adoption of small practical rituals that are clever and easy.