The method

The Holistic and personalized coaching of Smart and Light over 60 days

 The 3 essential stages of our support:

Assessment, and personal interpretation of your initial situation, and of your goals 

Interpreting and evaluating your habits and lifestyle is the first step in our support. During your start-up session, we will, through a questionnaire rich in themes, succeed together to get to know you better, to situate yourself, to discover your personality, your character, to understand your life circumstances, your tastes, your habits, your timetable, but also your difficulties, your fears, your limitations, then, discover together and clearly delimit, your weight loss goals, but even more, your ambitions, your desires, your dreams, your life plan, in order to know exactly how to proceed and to which precise destination to go together.

The discovery of the program and its concrete adaptation in your everyday life.

The Smart and Light program must absolutely be able to adapt to you, as you will have to be able to adapt to it, to succeed  your transformation journey. The heart of our support is to reveal the secrets, foundations and tips of the program, both from a culinary point of view, by discovering our countless easy and delicious recipes, but also from a behavioral point of view, that is to say reassessing together your way of life, your way of thinking about yourself and your problem, to help you untie the knots that sometimes get across the road, to help you overcome obstacles and your own limitations, to give you back the absolute urge to take care of yourself, mentally and physically. But most of all, above all, to give you the firm and definitive desire and the faith to and to succeed in achieving your goals. This is why the program must adapt to you, and you to it, in order to achieve the success that you want and that we want to help you achieve.

Tools of unparalleled efficiency, and personalized daily monitoring, until you reach your healthy weight.

Beyond the two previous stages, and the 8-week follow-up orchestrated by your personal coach, the Smart and Light coaching program offers you powerful tools, which will allow you to learn also from home, outside of sessions with your coach, our techniques and become more and more autonomous. This is the greatest gift we can give you, to become independent and free to master your life.

1- The Smart and Light logbook: Teaching you how to lose weight and become your own coach for life

The Logbook is the first of our tools, delivered during your start-up session. This is our method book, which in itself fulfills several functions: those of daily guide, cookbook, bedside book, and diary . It allows you not only to learn how to lose weight, to be supported and stimulated, but also to write on a daily basis the evolution of your journey. You will not be able to do without it, it will really become your essential ally in this program. Designed over two months, the Logbook, accompanies you step by step and is an essential, fun and unique asset.

2- The online program containing 220 video tutorials

You will also receive, during your  start-up session, access to your personal online account. This video tutorial program is one of a kind, and will also accompany you during the first 60 days of your program, allowing you each day to have access to:

  • A cooking class given by a great French Chef who specializes in fine slimming cuisine.
  • A behavioral and culinary coaching session with Sophie Reverdi, the creator of the Smart and Light program.
  • A gentle re-initiation session to sport with a great overweight specialist coach.
  • Dozens of small drawers containing suggestions, recipes, stimulating phrases, testimonials from participants, and of course on your shopping list…

There is nothing in the diet industry today equivalent to this tool that we have designed for you. With a wealth of invaluable information, it will allow you to live your new adventure to win back yourself, surrounded by the best possible skills.

3- Unconditional monitoring of your coach and the possibility of medical supervision.

The support you really want:

Our follow-up is human, personalized, warm, friendly and responsive during the first two months of the program, but also until you reach your goals, regardless of the number of pounds you have to lose. Beyond the start-up session, your dedicated coach is there for you constantly, via emails, texts, Messenger or telephone. You are not alone at any time, during the program and whatever the context of your needs.

But some of you, will choose to have medical follow-up as well, in addition to the coaching, and we are able to provide you with this medical follow-up. We have always collaborated with leading obesity specialists, and for our live one on one clients in Paris, we can organize in our center,  a medical consultation with one of the greatest Anglo-American obesity specialists, who for several years has been our scientific consultant,  guiding us and helping  us to improve the different facets and skills of the program.