If I do not lose weight, I will not be able to be the mother I want to be for my children.
Love is sometimes the best motivation when it comes to making the decision to change. If you do not do something that may seem too difficult for you, you can do it for the ones you love. Children, are a very powerful motivation in life. For them, you want to be at your maximum. For them, you want the best, you want them to have everything they need and that they are happy but what they need to be happy, is you to be happy and a happy and healthy life is even better.

This is the story of a 28-year-old woman, already a mother of three, who had had a very complicated life. She felt abandoned in all the circumstances of her life because it seemed to her that everything was bad for her on all levels. Married to a gentleman who worked very hard and was hardly present, she struggled alone with her three children, in addition to her work as a biologist. She had grown enormously, had tried a thousand diets and had plunged into a series of dark depressions, taking a lot of medicine and did not know how to cope anymore.

One morning, sitting in a waiting room, she came across an article that I had written, explaining my programme, with photos of Jana (an ex client and now a Smart and Light coach) and pictures of me, and decides, at that very moment she finishes reading, that everything must change in his life, radically and immediately. At the time of writing below she had lost almost 50 kilos, here is an excerpt from her testimony.

“In reality, it was very easy, Smart and Light gave me access to all the best resources to lose weight and it opened my eyes to another vision of life and all the possibilities open to me. I felt radiant and courageous in the face of life but especially full of desires. You know, by losing all this overweight, and this excess of fat in my body, one becomes oneself again. We are no longer hidden behind this shapeless mass that spoils our lives. Today, I feel much more beautiful, dynamic, radiant, I have more confidence in myself and in my abilities to succeed in my life.

I got rid of the added kilos of my physical and mental pain and even stopped taking medication. And now, I can focus on my life, my family, my job because I’m free. I no longer carry this burden every day on my shoulders. And I thank myself for having the motivation, to have wanted to change with the help of Smart and Light, which is without doubt, the best program to lose weight.

What I wanted to emphasise is that I made a great gift while losing weight, but I also made a gift to my family and especially to my children, who followed me closely. My children learned a new lifestyle, they learned that we could eat very well, with healthy food and that a light dish could also be excellent. I offered them the same advice that I had received from this programme, the discovery of a healthy diet and the discovery of this immense potential within us. And I am proud because it will certainly serve them well in the future, in their everyday lives, and it will help them avoid the problems that I myself had because of my weight. My children will not be a part of obesity statistics”.

Today she is a radiant woman who has lost 50 kilos, and who is doing very well and does not take any more drugs, because she does not need them any more, she just did not want to remain a passive face in a destiny that did not leave room for happiness .

Thanks to the testimony she offered us and in this case, also to a magazine, many hundreds of people followed her to my centre in Tunisia, so she made an invaluable gift to them, made of her strength and success, and has become an integral part of the Smart and Light family. This is what I like about this story, and the conclusion that when you manage to take a major step in your life, and that you recover your well being, health and happiness will follow because it’s what we really want in this world. To heal oneself, to do oneself good, is also to cure others, the proof is here.

So you too, let happiness enter your life, it deserves its place, it is a necessity and not a luxury, and there is nothing egocentric in the idea of ​​claiming it, it is within your reach and will give you wings, and will multiply around you. Your influence will make others want to follow you.

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