An existential need to get closer to nature, and to benefit my family and my environment…
“I am a pharmacist, and I am 44 years old. I had kilos to eliminate when I came across Sophie Reverdi’s program.

Like most people struggling desperately to lose weight, I obviously had to try everything. Of course I had lost weight with certain methods, but I had always taken everything back since the constraints were unbearable in the long run.

So, without giving up, one evening, I put myself again in front of my computer, to try to find the method that would finally work for me. And there, miraculously, I came across a video where many people at a party, told the incredible benefits of a program that had been created by Sophie Reverdi. All these people seemed to say more or less the same thing, that they had found her program very easy, that they had learned to cook delicious dishes that they could eat at will, starters, mains, desserts, snacks, and all were saying that Sophie had saved their life. It really seemed like a fairy tale.

I started immediately, I registered on the online program of Sophie, since she was in Paris and me in Province, but I still wanted to talk to her, so I took her coaching and we talked a lot.

In one month, I lost 6 kilos, without feeling tired, nervous, stressed or hungry, and learning to cook tasty little dishes that made me feel like eating in a restaurant with a star.

As soon as I feel a little hungry, I eat a snack that I had prepared in advance, and as many times as I want.

What’s great about this program is that we do not focus on what is forbidden but rather on what is allowed and the list is long, I can confirm it.

It’s a bit like a game, and the program is incredibly rich, there is everything you need to never run out of ideas, it’s really complete, smart and very well done . In fact we learn to master everything and become our own coach, and that, nobody does, they never give you everything, they never tell you everything, but Sophies idea is to teach you the basics forever, there is no need to re offend because its generosity is its first asset, and it is primarily addressed to people who are aware of the magnitude of their problem, and who wants to listen to the cost. To reverse the course of things, to take the situation seriously, as we all know, obesity is a deadly disease, I am the unfortunate witness of this every day in my profession.

Each passing day has become for me a victory that is added to the previous ones, the grams and the kilos that are escaping from my body and on such a scale motivate me to keep going, I found my solution and there is no question that I will not stop until I reach my health weight.

Sophie, who was an ex obese and has lost 80 kilos, knows exactly what we can feel, she has lived in this flesh, and her speech touches us deeply, it is a driving force in this success and transformation. She spent 25 years consolidating the elements of her program, because she wanted it to never fail us, and she succeeded fully, she just invented a program that saves lives, her clients did not lie.

I feel not only extremely well on a physical and visual level, but on a deeper level as well. I feel strong again, mastering my life, my diet, my body, my health, able to face all the challenges of my life as a woman and Mother, I finally feel able to be an example for my children, to think of family life from a healthier, more caring angle.

I now pay a lot of attention to the way I stock up, the way I cook for all of us at home, the way I now look at our holidays, our weekends, our hobbies, our fashion of life. I have a crazy desire to move, to experiment more things, to travel, but also to experience a more physical and sporting existence, which I did not feel before for many reasons.

And then I also wanted to change my life on a professional level. I plan to take classes now to become a naturopath, I want to be in symbiosis with my new conception of life and health, I want to do good to those I love, and to those who suffer daily evils that life often imposes on us. I feel now and unequivocally, an existential need of nature, and of self-giving.”