I’ll always be proud of what I’ve done, and you’ll be able to do it too ….
“I write this to you to you first for myself because I know that in a few years I’ll still be proud of what I have accomplished, but also largely to help all those who read my testimony, so that they can realise, that if I knew and could get there, it is also possible for you too. Just find an outstretched hand and a reliable method.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve been obese for over ten years. (100 kilos for 1.72 cm) I have tried all the possible diets, all the fad diets found in magazines, or on the net .. I did not spare a penny to lose weight (cream, meal replacements too), in short I tried everything in vain …

Until the day when I fell on the site of Sophie Reverdi, and more exactly on the testimonials. I devoured them all in a short time, and without asking any questions, I dialed the number. A woman, at end of the line, the reassuring voice, gave me an appointment for the next day. This was my first step towards happiness and deliverance.

I quickly felt that Sophie understood me without judging me and that it was my luck (perhaps the last one) and that I had to seize it.

After two hours and a half of interview with her, I went home with a FORCE, which was up to then, foreign, and with a way on to get there.

Sophie’s method is very nice, we do not follow it but we adopt it as soon as we try it. That changed my vision of food forever. Her program is really smart and reassuring, because I have never been hungry, and I never had to weigh my food.

The accompaniment of the program is also excellent. Sophie has a real gift for helping the person in front of her, finding the right words to touch her, re-motivate her and restore her confidence in her abilities.

I followed my coach’s advice to the letter, and the result was not long in coming. From week to week, I lost weight and I recovered my joy of life and the confidence within me.

At the time of writing, I have already lost 25 kilos, in 4 months, and I do not intend to stop before losing the ten kilos more that I have to lose.

I know today that “this” is nothing, and that I will soon be the girl I dreamed of being …

I thank Sophie from the bottom of my heart because if I came to my goal or almost, it is largely thanks to her. I am forever indebted to her.”