Press Lunch of the 16th of October 2019

Parisian Smart and Light center-
16th of October 2019

Press Lunch

Sophie Reverdi, the Parisian specialist of behavioral and culinary coaching, and who is celebrating the 15thanniversary of her Smart and Light program, and the release of her latest book, “Half zero”, invites you to come and taste the light and organic special recipes of her program, in her Parisian Smart an Light center.

Graduated from a major hotel management school in Switzerland, Sophie Rverdi is passionate about “Grande Cuisine”, but also about health, and well-being. Sophie has been committed for more than 20 years, to develop and compile the ingredients of a great tasty cuisine, coupled with an amazing coaching program, which would help her overweight clients to lose weight, while continuing to save the pleasure of the senses, and allowing them to eat in unlimited quantities, to undergo no stress, and have “no more excuse “, not to start the program and succeed their path of transformation.

During this tasting that will allow you to better understand the sensoriality of the program she has developed with passion, she will also invite you travel through the story that allowed her to build her childhood dream full of benevolence, on several continents, (Europe, Africa and USA) and to help more than 3,000 people in the world to recover not only their health weight, but also an incomparable quality of life. Many of her clients simply said that she saved their lives … Many experts in obesity, diabetes, nutrition and cardiology have always supported her fervently and speak of a method, that is full of common sense.

During the lunch, you will be able to meet Jana Vitezova, Sophie Reverdi’s very first client, who lost in 2003, 63 kilos and who is today, a certified Smart and Light coach in Luxembourg, after being for 6 years an amazing coach by Sophie’s side in Tunisia.

You will also meet two or three other Smart and Light’s Parisian clients who will testify of the benefits they had through their coaching, knowing that her other customers willing to testify for you that day, are based in Tunisia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. One of Sophie Reverdi’s sons, Valentin Reverdi, considered as the leader of the generation Z in the media, (a generation of uber eats consumers and who eats quite badly …) will also be present, and will tell his vision of the program, will also evoke the new Youtube channel that he is in the process of launching in order to introduce the work of his mother which he has witnessed since his childhood …

The pictures of the lunch

Photos credit: Mireille Roobaert