Coaching en ligne

Hello and welcome to this little guide to the Smart and Light e-Learnin program.

With our e-Learning website :

  • We expect to help you lose, over a period of two months, about 10 to 15 kg (20 to 35 lbs), or more, and have all the information and motivation you need to continue by yourself until you have reached your healthy weight.
  • We strive to bring you new skills, and help you acquire more self-confidence and self-love, in order to better care for yourself and your body
  • We do our best to help you acquire enough knowledge, throughout the video tutorials and tips of the program, to achieve your goal of attaining your healthy weight… and keeping it.

It is important to be loyal to yourself and steadfast to the protocol of the website, and to invest a little time every day over the course of these two months, in a ritual of about 20 minutes, in order to not miss any important things that can help you.

We would now like to give you a little guided tour of the website.

The question form

During your subscription process, you will be asked to fill out a rather precise questionnaire that should take you about 10 minutes. This questionnaire is already a first step into the program.

These questions will help you to better know yourself and to begin a history of your journey, and also to reflect on some important points about this process.

All fields of the questionnaire are important.

In order to better answer the questions, you can pass your cursor over the question mark next to each question, and read the comments that will help you answer the question.

It is important to realize that there are NO BAD ANSWERS, and we will not be judging you. Simply answer as truthfully as possible, that is what counts.

Date of start

In the questionnaire, we also ask you to determine when you want to start the program. First choose the month, then the day.

How the program unfolds

From day 1 (the one you have chosen), the website will automatically give you access to information that, for the most part, will be available for a period of 24 hours.

This is important, because the program must move forward every day, and you should be motivated to login every day in order to take full advantage of it.

It is, however, possible that you have at some point the impossibility of logging in for a day or two. You will have the opportunity to check out the past 3 days of your program, to catch up and go over any points you have missed.

But let’s start with the beginning.

Connecting to your account

Go to, and check out your login section in the right column. Enter the login and password you created during your subscription to the program.

You are automatically redirected to your « DAY » section of the program.

This is the first day, you are at DAY 1, WEEK 1.

But first, let us check out the top part of your account.

You will find your name, your photo (if you downloaded it during subscription, otherwise you can do it later), and the information of at what day, and week, of the program you are (which on your first day should read DAY 1, WEEK 1), as well as the number of pounds you have lost (which is now a 0).

There are also two buttons to the right, to log out and to contact technical aid if you encounter a technical problem.

Below that, you will find two buttons : « PREVIOUS DAY », and « NEXT DAY », that will help you navigate backwards up to 3 days if you have not been able to connect for some reason – or to move back (forward) to the actual day of the program you are at.

Let’s examine the DAY tab.


Daily tips

On the left, you will find  seven sections with tips and suggestions, motivational sentences, and useful information, including the recipe card that accompanies the cooking video of the day (which you can print out).

Your daily videos

Below your daily tips, you’ll find your three videos of the day.

Try to watch them in the right order:

Behavioral and motivational coaching

First watch your behavioral and motivational coaching video, as it will give you the information for the good continuation and functioning of the program. It will motivate and comfort you.  This video is essential.

Watch this daily video every day, take the time to do so, it is fundamental to the program. What you will learn in it, as well as its inspirational and practical aspects,  are different every day, and useful for a productive and educative program.

This video lasts about 4 to 5 minutes every day, except for the first few days when it can last seven or eight minutes. Remember, this is a coaching program, we are here to teach you, help you understand and change.

Cooking class

Next, you have your cooking class, and the marvelous chef  Patrick Latreille,  will show your through the secrets of a succulent light and international cuisine, every day. All  these delicious recipes are easy to  prepare, and the simple but lovely presentation will make for easy-to-do but magnificent meals.

Remember that you have a recipe card that goes with this recipe in your « tips of the day. »

Exercise video

These very short videos, about two minutes, offer you every day a very easy exercise.  In fact, we suggest you do this every day after your weekly warm-up, which you will find in your week tab.

Interactive section (you write in)

In the right column, you will find your interactive section. Take a few minutes to answer the questions and fill it out. They are the same every day, but your answers probably are not! Take the time to answer. This is not a complaint section, on the contrary, it is a positive place, in which you will write down the positive aspects of the program. For example, « I feel lighter, » « I have less eating urges, » « people tell me I look better, »  » I’m starting to feel less gassy, » « I feel more energy. » Write down this down to create a history of your journey in this personal  diary : the story of your success.

Every week, on days one, eight, fifteen, etc.,  we suggest that you upload a new photo taken that day. Also write down your weight, and even if you can, your other measures. You will be able to see your progression as the program goes on. This is very important for your motivation and confirm the effectiveness of the process.

Now let’s go to your week tab.


n your week section, the information you find will remain on line 7 days to let you come back to them whenever you want.

Tips of the week

First of all you will find the tips of the week: cooking tips, your shopping list, and the reminder of the foods you can eat this week.

All this should considerably help you in organizing your daily life.

Videos of the week

Just under the text you will find your videos of the week. Each week you will find four videos:

  • Your weekly coaching with Sophie
  • Your video with the breakfasts of the week (with Patrick)
  • Your video with the snacks of the week (with Patrick)
  • And finally your warm-up of the week (with Anis)

Once again try to be as loyal to yourself as possible, by watching these videos.

Start with, and pay particularly close attention to,  your coaching video with Sophie, which guides you throughout the program on the road to success. The videos cover the most important subject and will really help you achieve your goals.

The warm-up is also very important. Try to do it everyday before your daily exercise, if you feel up to it. This will help to do a slightly longer session, it will accelerate your progress and increase the pleasure you find in rediscovering your body. If you prefer one to the other, or only to do one of them, that’s fine too. The keyword here is:  do your best and have fun.

Finally let us discover your third tab: your program folder.

Your folder

Your tasty reference library

You’ll find here a library of your menu ideas, snacks, and recipe cards,  so that you may access them at any time.

Useful links

You will find here two useful links, access to technical support ( should you encounter a technical problem),  and access to your profile, if you need to complete at or to make changes.

Final words

There, you should have a good idea of how complete and practical this program is. It is very understanding and benevolent, requires only a little regularity and attention, and it is extremely effective, as you will find from our numerous success stories and testimonial videos, as well as the doctors who have supported this program.

We hope that you will join us,


Sophie and the Smart and Light e-Learning team.