From Montreal to Tunis to start my transformation journey
Anne is over 50 when she decides to come to see me. She is the director of a large hospital in Montreal, has tried everything in her life to lose weight, and has been fighting against her morbid obesity for many years.

At the end of her stay in my centre, and at the loss of 60 kilos, she decides to replicate the program in Canada at any cost.

Here is an excerpt from her testimony:

“It was in June 2009, in Montreal, that I stumbled upon cooking recipes that my niece had to photocopy on a book from Tunisia.

Recipes that seemed magical and dietary at the same time. As I have a significant weight problem, I decided to experiment. This is a real discovery, because I discover and rediscover tastes and forgotten foods, flavors unimaginable … Everything is good, and tasty, I cannot believe it. I have tried so many difficult diets that I cannot believe that this can be true. And yet, yes, the more I cook, the more I feast, and the more I begin to lose weight visibly, until losing 30 kilos. But at the end of my recipes, I still have a lot of weight to lose and I do not know what to do, so I’m looking for the contact details of Sophie Reverdi and Smart and Light, the program she designed, and the logo is fortunately on one of my pages in my possession.

I make contact with Sophie and ask her if I can buy her a book, but she tells me that she does not sell her books, and encourages me to come and see her, especially if I still have a lot of weight to lose.

I procrastinate but a year later I fly to Tunis. I spend a week in her wonderful centre, where I learn in an extraordinary atmosphere to cook, to move, to eat, to go shopping, to understand what is happening in me and who is Sophie Reverdi.

It’s a great adventure, we talk and we discover each other. She is interesting, warm, full of dynamism and passionate about what she does. She is surrounded by a great team, it will be a memorable week.

I lost 60 kilos with this program and I will never forget. “