In 8 months, my life has completely changed, I became a girl like the others.
“I had just turned twenty when I heard about Sophie through a friend who had lost a lot of weight, an ex obese who was now unrecognisable to the friend she was. My friend told me that it was up to me to change, for me to make the move.  I read all the testimonials on the site and I thought, I will try as it works for them, that’s how I started.

I am very happy to have already lost more than 20 kilos, I still have weight to lose but for me this is an unimaginable dream and I will reach my health weight.

I could not imagine myself more beautiful and slim. First, I really want to say that I did not suffer. When I came to meet Sophie for the first time, I was ready and eager to start and from the first session I clicked, I understood a lot and so I followed the program easily.

I was not hungry, I rediscovered the taste of nature, food, things, and the kilos flew away. In three months, my life has completely changed because I no longer eat things that are harmful to me, and I feel better in my body. I feel purified of all those fats I have eaten for 20 years.

Now when I look at a pizza or gratin stuffed with cheese, I say to myself, God, how did I live all my life eating that …

So we change, we look at life differently, people differently, we go to others, we are less withdrawn.

I have much more confidence in myself, I participate in conversations, I impose myself … Whereas before, I lived with my head down and tried to be discreet, I did not want to disturb as I wanted to be alone.”

“Today I play sports with pleasure, before it was a chore because I could not move my arms, my legs, my body.

And what has also changed in my life is that I learned to please myself, I go out, what I did not do before, I see friends, I’m having fun.

Everything works in parallel, the food program, the small dishes that I cook, the physical exercises, the support of Sophie; for me, it was the path that I had to take, that of my transformation.

My family is really happy, and it stimulates them to eat better, to cook like me.

I am also less nervous at home because I am happier. Before losing weight, the time did not pass, I put myself alone in my room and I fell back on myself and on my weight, I was always in a bad mood, but Sophie changed my life, and my family life too. :)”