This beautiful girl who became my right hand …
This is the story of a beautiful girl who became my right hand … Cyrine was an extraordinary young woman and her story is as extraordinary as her life, though fate finally made her leave in the prime of life, she had the time to give of her great soul to many people.

She came to see me when she was twenty-five, a friend we had in common had recommended Smart and Light. She was a graphic designer and very talented, she also created very pretty jewellery but she had gained 25 kilos and she did not see how pretty she was. I put her on the programme and she lost a lot of weight, in three months she had become radiant. She beamed and wanted to work with me, she insisted so much that I ended up taking her on as an assistant. She was gifted, and very quickly, I let her start coaching with me. When I left Tunisia and returned to Paris, Cyrine brilliantly replaced me for six years. She excelled in her new coaching profession and the clients were delighted with her accompaniment, her warmth, kindness and deep understanding.

Cyrine loved helping others, she was devoted, caring and selfless, ultra professional and efficient but she had above all a great generosity of heart, a quality essential to this beautiful job that we do.

Cyrine did not have the chance to be really rewarded as one terrible night, on her way home, she was forced from the road by another car and crashed, the other driver left the scene.  Cyrine was to spend several months in a coma fighting for life but eventually succumbed to her injuries and left for the skies.

I would like to pay tribute to her here because we miss her immensely, and she will be forever a part of the history of this programme that she has represented so well.

Here is the testimony she gave us at the end of her weight loss.

“I’m 25 years old, I’m a graphic designer, I came to ask Sophie for a helping hand to lose weight.It was especially my entourage who pushed me to do it, because I lived my obesity as a fatality, and for me it was a classified file.

I did not realise at all that this shell of fat had removed me from my youth, my freshness, my charms, but especially my bodily freedom, my lightness, my dynamism. As I started losing weight, I began to feel and see myself differently, to live finally.

I became more woman, more beautiful, stronger, more attractive, more radiant, more sure of myself, more enterprising, much less withdrawn, less shy, less moody and less depressed.

It was a bit like I had come out of hibernation, a long and painful hibernation that I had gotten used to and that I had finally accepted, in which I had forgotten myself.

From now on I am in total control of my life in all points of view. I have learned to measure my inner potential, I know that I am able to lift mountains, I am much clearer in my life choices, I know where I am going, I am deciding to have a healthy, radiant life and master my circumstances.

I am so indebted to this program, and I believe so much that I decided to get involved in this wonderful project that saves lives.”

My Cyrine of love, how I wish I could of been there for you to help that cursed day, leaving behind your family and your innumerable friends in an infinite and insurmountable pain at your passing. I still can not recover from your departure, and most importantly, I keep coming back to the idea that you wanted to become a Mother, you who loved children more than anything, you who had loved my sons so much and who loved you in return as their big sister. You who was still so young, so beautiful and so touching, and who still had so many beautiful things to live and share. I love you with all my heart, and thank you for all the wonderful moments you shared with us, your sublime and unique creations, the care you took to the people you loved, for the love that you knew how to give to all around you, and for all the crazy moments that we lived together for all those beautiful years my dearest darling little sister.