At 20 years old, this young mother of 4 had grown enormously and could not manage anymore …
“Sophie saved my life and, she is the reason why I am the person I am today. After coaching me for six months on Skype and helping me lose more than 50 kilos, she decided to meet me, my children, my family and me in Portland, United States, so she flew from Paris. I owe her a lot and she is the most amazing person I have ever met. She is for me more than a friend, she is a sister, a soulmate, a guide, and she has become indispensable in my life. She saved me from disaster, because after having 4 close pregnancies, I had a hard time not getting too fat, and after the birth of my last baby, I did not recognise myself anymore. Thanks to her, I found the motivation to change, to change everything and to find myself again. I am today the happiest woman and Mother in the world, and I am thinking of becoming a certified Smart and Light coach very soon, because this method must spread because it saves lives.

To all those who can no longer see the end of the tunnel, just one tip, Sophie is the person you need”