Smile to life, she will smile at you …
How 11 kilos can change the life of an 18 year old girl …. I will begin this testimony with a remark inspired by my personal experience: “Everything is possible in life and if you want you can, you just have to believe very strongly in yourself. ”
I started my Smart & Light programme with an incredible drive that I had never felt before. I gained confidence and it worked. The results were not long in coming: I found a harmony with myself and a serenity in my everyday life. I’m no longer afraid to face the mirror, I see myself beautiful and seductive.

No need to be told, I just feel it and very naturally. It is an extraordinary sensation that I discovered with enchantment. Before, my life was flat and boring. I dragged as a burden the anxiety of weight, these pounds that accumulate and which, in my opinion, I bore full responsibility.

I had the chance to meet an extraordinary woman, a real fairy who fascinated me with her beautiful smile. She followed me throughout this program, she helped me, listened to me and knew how to target all my weak points, all my anxieties and all my suffering, because of my weight problem. She opened a door for me and took me straight to hope.

I discovered how much I was able to overcome my weight problems, simply by respecting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Today I am fulfilled, I will finish this testimony by saying “Smile to life, it will smile and make you happy, because the best things in life, are the simplest things.