A beautiful family story, united to heal …

I’ve known this girl since she was two years old, she was in the same class with my twin sons, she was the commander-in-chief, and sometimes the referee. Today, she is a brilliant law student and at 21 years, the same as my twins, has her whole life ahead of her. I know both her Mother, of whom I am a close friend, and her Aunts, her Mother’s sisters, they are all overweight. The reason is that they are good living people, who like to meet up as a family, cook traditional Portuguese recipes, high calorie specialities :), lots of barbecues party, and in general their meals are organised in a jovial, festive atmosphere, Mediterranean style, where you can taste subtle portos and other good wines from the region. Unfortunately, all this has a price,and the price is excess kilos, lots of them.
But our lovely girl is so young and so pretty, that it ends up embarrassing her. One of her Aunts, also wants to lose weight and convinces her sister, my friend, to start. This is how all three ladies initiate the program as a family in January 2018. In 5 months they lost between them 50 kilos, which is wonderful. Our little beauty still has some way to go, but this family motivation, this new organisation of life, which does not upset their normal family routines, strengthens and unites them in this path of transformation. They are good for each other, they are healing together, which is obviously the best thing they could do for each other. I am so proud by their desire to go all the way, and by their mutual support, that is the real proof of love.
I let you read the testimony of this wonderful young woman:
“You certainly know (I could even bet on it)  😉)
the famous new resolutions of the year, you know, the ones that we all swear to hold with all our strength, that we never hold, all in vain and that we program for ourselves in the years to come the same sadness of failure? 😭 Well imagine that my new resolution of the year 2018 holds, thanks to my super coach Sophie Reverdiand her fabulous food and sports program SMART AND LIGHT, I managed to lose 12 kilos since January 14, 2018.
My secret ? Simplicity, accompaniment, the mind and some courage.
Smart and light helped me redirect to the right path, by eating healthy food, at my leisure, without making a fuss.
This is not a diet, it is our normal diet, simple, basic 😂 that we should all consume, yes really all, I realise now.
It should be called enjoying not feeding!
We learn to cook and enjoy it and to enjoy “real good food”, this is my new creed! 🙏🏼
Nevertheless, my goal is not quite achieved 😔I miss a few steps (5-6 kilos) to cross the line to arrive and to celebrate my separation from the WEIGHT and all it’s colleagues for good! 😂
Thank you to my dearest Sophie Reverdi. 😘
I highly recommend you take a look at his website www.smartandlight.com and let yourself be seduced by her immense talent! 👍🏼
You can find other testimonials that will inspire you I’m sure!