Obesity is not inevitable, I lost weight at 60, and I feel like a young man
“With my 99 kilos, I did not feel bad about myself, but having curves that started to exceed a certain limit (a basketball belly and a rugby ball behind) disturbed me a bit and I started to worry.

I was relatively embarrassed in the choice of my clothes, because I did not find my size easily, and especially embarrassed in my daily life and from a physiological point of view. My health was affected, I breathed badly, I was panting at the slightest step, the evening in bed I snored what was unpleasant for my wife, and with all this was added a difficult digestion, abominable and gastric pain.

To relieve me of these evils which were in fact only the alarm signals that I was content to ignore, I used tons of drugs: “debridat”, “malox” and other wonders.

It was through a friend who had lost a lot of weight that I heard about Sophie and her method that developed a process for each case of obesity.

From our first meeting, I knew that my coach was going to help me, and that I was finally going to get rid of this overweight that had become annoying and that thanks to her, I could finally get rid of the 18 kilos that I absolutely needed   lose.

3 months later and with 20 kilos evaporated, I reached my goal.

This weight loss allowed me to rediscover a healthy and balanced body, much younger and toned, no more bloating, no more gastritis, no constipation, no more reflux, no more snoring, no more shortness of breath and especially no more fatigue related to these different ills.

My doctor, who asked me after my weight loss to redo a blood test, told me amazed that I had fully rejuvenated myself.

I also want to point out that several months after my stabilization, I did not take a single gram thanks to my coach and that I feel better than ever.”