<div class=”title-h1″ style=”text-align: center;”>Finally, a soothing and healthy way of life with an extraordinary cuisine.</div>

I had a lot of physical hardships in my life, diseases that resurfaced in recurring ways, and I spent a lot of time in hospitals and also followed many treatments. It was difficult for me to regulate my weight during these periods of great stress, and as I am a fan of very good cooking, being Italian of origin, I felt that I could, in return for my complications, make me happy. This, on the other hand, made me take a lot of weight, and that was not good either for my fragile health. The programme of Sophie Reverdi gave me access to a unlimited quantity of spectacularly good and easy to do recipes, that I am allowed to eat in unlimited quantities. This is an indisputable argument for me to succeed. I am really happy to have discovered this new alternative from my very fatty and very sweet cuisine, which was not good for me. I live much better today and I do not deprive myself of any pleasure.