My journey to lose weight began with one step
“But that was not the case, I was late in doing so, always putting off until tomorrow a journey whose consequences were not reliable, at least for me.

Diets of all kinds, I knew them. The different tricks to drain, slim down, reduce fat overlays, I could cite tens but my weight increased, and the more diminished my self esteem.

I carried a pitiless, incisive look at me, and in return, I always found excuses to feed myself, to stuff my head with good intentions while mishandling myself for the last time, swallowing everything that went past my nose.

All occasions were good to eat more than reason: overwork, an argument, a crisis, the slightest stress .

For a long time, I ignored the messages of alarm that my body sent me: problems in my back, joints, circulation …

I could not bless enough the day when I took my ticket for my journey of a thousand leagues, the day when a simple click via Google, I discovered the program of Sophie Reverdi, Smart and Light.

I admit that I was sceptical at first, my other attempts to reduce my weight had all failed, so why would it give me positive results this time?

This scepticism dissipated fairly quickly, as I progressed, because I was able to start seeing the results as soon as the program started.

In fact, the “open sesame” of this program, comes down to a few easy-to-follow principles: satiety and flavors are on the program, and I do not feel at all frustrated, nor oblige to weigh my food or to ruin my elixirs, complements or magic concoctions!

The accompaniment that I received helped me a lot, especially when the demons of old bad habits, pointed to the tip of my nose again. I have been supported, encouraged and supported again, in such a way, that not only has my body radically undergone positive transformations, having already lost ten kilos, but I have also seen more subtle transformations. I am much more sure of myself , more confident in my image, I sleep better, I am able to manage my life in a positive and serene way.”