No need to book in first class for the comfort of the seat …. I save money 🙂
How should I start my story, Sophie?
On my way to Abidjan, I finally decided to testify about what became my reason for living.

I still remember my first interview with you, where your alarming comments about my illness led me to become more aware of my health and change my lifestyle.

Today, and after 7 months, it’s done. I managed to lose 35 kilos, thanks to your “magic formula”, and also thanks to my courage and my will, as you always told me.

What an awareness!

I took a liking to life, I who thought my irreversible situation. I was wrong. Thanks to you Sophie, I became another person looking for the best out of life.

What a joy to find the reminiscences of my youth, to wake up in the morning in great shape, light, cheerful, to go to work.

As sport has become my daily life, I do not hesitate a moment before the proposals of football games, the sport that I practiced at a young age.

In short, a lot of things have changed. Likewise, my way of dressing. What a pleasure to do the windows of the best shops in Tunis, I struggled to find “clothes” to my size.

This is Sophie, I would like to thank you once again for all the services you have rendered and continue to render within this “corporation of sick people”, like me. These people, however, quickly recoverable with courage and a little good will. I would especially like, that this action that you lead for years, echo with the people concerned. I also know that you struggle daily with the highest levels of government to propose your “know-how”, but that will not be for long.

Good luck and again a thousand thanks.

For the anecdote, when I was travelling abroad, I booked my plane seat in “Business class”, for reasons of comfort. Since then, “Monsieur” only reserves in economy class. Just like that, SMART AND LIGHT also earned me money.