The best coach possible for me is me….
As a journalist and communicator, I like to be neutral and objective in my work, and this is the first time I personally testify on a slimming blog. I want to clarify that I am, to do so, neither sponsored nor paid in order to say what I want to say to all the women and young moms that I meet. It is for me essentially a deep recognition to a program that helped me a lot and to an outstanding coach.

My meeting with Sophie Reverdi and her Smart and Light program occurred thanks to a friend I saw again, a few months after his weight loss which was very impressive.

Like many moms, during my pregnancy, I took 20 kilos, then managed to lose 10 of these 20 pounds of unnecessary excess weight now, since neither my baby nor I, no longer needed. But the remaining 10 kilos were the most painful … Despite diets and efforts over the long term, if every time or almost I lost weight, I finally ended up taking all the kilos lost, and it was really very scary<; The reason is related to the fact that these “pseudo fashion diets or miracle diets” are much too restrictive, whether from a protocol point of view, organizational etc, but also so frustrating psychologically and physically gruel ing. We also feel when following them, as if we are put on the bench of “life”.

When I met Sophie, I told her immediately that I no longer believed in dieting, and it was in this state of mind that I had made an appointment, in desperation …

The meeting was surprising: Sophie, who has been doing her job as a coach with devotion and commitment for 20 years, and who, based on her own experiences and long years of research, has designed this very innovative program, has managed to cope with all my worries . She found the right words to get me out of these anxieties of chess, but also those that would help to ward off my paralyzing fear of launching me and my infinite doubts. During the Smart and Light program, I had the right to a real accompaniment: Sophie provided me the necessary support on a daily basis, on facebook or on the telephone, between our weekly follow-up appointments.

I managed to lose 10kg in less than 2 months, and I could not believe it for it had been such a pleasure!

Now having the keys to my success, I never need and need other programs. I know how to deal with my demons and manage my weight and my lifestyle independently.

I became my own coach, and that’s what I most earned for life. I learned everything that allows me to remain the best possible coach for me … Thank you Sophie for this precious sharing, that you are the only one to do in this world of thinness quite devastating in general for the spirit , and congratulations for Smart and Light

Smart and Light, is not a brand, or a product for me, Smart and Light is the product of a benevolent desire to share a recipe that works, but also for me, an attitude of life, “a way of life “as our English-speaking friends say, and that’s how I want to look at things today …

So to all of you, if like I experienced it, you also tryed so many things and felt so many failures, if you are stuck in a void, filled with fears and doubts, you really have to try, try without asking yourself any more questions!

This first step towards your final transformation, I recommend you to cross it. The cap of the doubts, leave it behind you, and trust your desire for change, because the program is really super efficient