Thank you for liberating me Sophie ….
As a young man of 14 years I lost 29 kilos! Finally, I arrived there! that’s it. I, who believed that it was impossible, who believed me perpetually condemned to be mocked, mocked, denigrated, condemned to be hurt in my strong interior, I who thought I had lost all will, I finally arrived there. I triumphed for myself because I proved to myself that I could be beautiful, good, and that I was entitled to it. I proved to others that I could, I surprised everyone. I proved myself to myself that “when we want we can” and that “nothing is impossible”. I thank enormously Sophie who helped me so much, the moment when arriving at her place I did not believe any more, I thank her from the depths of my being, to have released me, to have supported and accompanied me. Now that everything is over, (at least for the weight loss program), now that I’ve removed 29 kg, now that I’m here, I’m staying for good.