As a Chef, I thought that being fat was reassuring, today, I refocused all my culinary approach towards the light …
I was a big passionate cook, who says cooking is eating well, eating much, tasting and having fun but I’m also passionate about dietary cooking, which I discovered when I worked in Germany. However, I had never implemented the principles of this kitchen on myself, and at 34, I had accumulated all these culinary pleasures and very many kilos too. In my mind, it was normal for a chef to be fat, it is often the image that is attributed to them, because it is reassuring and people thinks that if he is big, it is because he is surely a very good cook.

Until the day I met Sophie Reverdi. We had met because she needed to take pictures of « light recipes » for a magazine dedicated to children. She not only explained her programme, but convinced me to follow it, and presto, I’m here for my first coaching session without really having the opportunity to challenge my decision. By asking me questions, I hear myself responding to things that made me discover some of my flaws and behaviours, as well as misconceptions that I’ve made about a lot of things. She has an answer to everything and I understood that it is urgent for me to revise my theories of the « bon vivant chef », that my health is at stake and that the future of my children depends on me. I have no choice … I start without any problem, the program is easy, everything is simple, almost obvious, I cannot miss my target. I do not feel the slightest suffering. The recipes on the Roadmap interested me greatly, they are very simple to reproduce, are tasty and very colourful, this gives me lots of ideas. I love this program so I then propose a collaboration because this program enchants me.

I lose weight without suffering and I discover very healthy cooking, a list of intelligent and very varied foods, the key to the success of this wonderful programme. In less than three months I lose 21 kilos and after 5 months I am close to losing 40 kilos. Incredible but true. My life has changed, I am no longer breathless at the slightest movement, I have no more back pain, no more leg pain, I recovered my old wardrobe, I can feel my body again that is light and dynamic; I’m finished with this uncomfortable mass for good!