Cooking organic and light for my 8 year old son and for me, a real liberation for me, as for many Moms.
“Sophie is placed in a particular category when we talk about tackling weight problems: benevolent and generous who opposes avid profiteers. They are rare, precious. Sophie’s approach is above all human, she knows how to understand you, to hear you, to listen to you and she knows how to open the closed door for so long … it’s not just about losing weight, but regaining self-esteem , an esteem of the world, live and not survive anymore.

I lost 15 kilos by following this program which is the antithesis of all that exists on the market of thinness, for it is its intelligence, its facility and its efficiency.” “I can apply the principles of light and organic cooking in my everyday life, and my seven-year-old son benefits and participates with joy in the design of our meals, especially our desserts obviously.

I decided to join her in this adventure, and I am now a coach beside her, because we are both worried about the future of our children on a global scale. I am also a concerned Mother and a witness amazed by what is happening in the world with overweight and obesity.”

Joana Sauer, certified Smart and Light coach