A relentless worker and, especially, a humanist without limits. In 2003, she founded an association that helped prisoners, orphans and very poor people in a region of Africa. She listens with benevolence, brings essential goods, and opens libraries, because, for her, freedom requires, first and foremost, knowledge and understanding. By supporting the SMART AND LIGHT program, she believes that this is going in the same direction, that of understanding. To her, the fight against malnutrition on the planet is one big struggle.
Our common goal is to be able to regulate this malnutrition, from starvation (malnutrition) to obesity (overfeeding), two scourges equally responsible for the highest death rates in the world, by transferring part of the sales benefit of this book to humanitarian associations.

Letter to Sophie REVERDI

“I dream of a new world, where the words: Hunger, wars, weapons, malnutrition, epidemics, rapes, prisons, humiliation and injustice do not exist. I dream of a world of equity, where no child dies of hunger, thirst, cold or diseases. I dream of a charitable world where the children do not believe themselves forced to steal or sell themselves in order to eat properly. I dream of a world free and just where each one has the right to be informed, to read and understand. I dream of a world where the word “future” has the same meaning for everyone and where each man has the right to have his place. I dream of a moral world where the physical integrity of small girls is respected, without being led to grow fat so as never to please a man. I dream of a world of abundance where man respects the earth, whether in the way he cultivates it or how he manages waste. I dream of a responsible world where food industries choose to manufacture only tasty and healthy products.

I dream of a world where punitive justice is replaced by repairing justice. I dream of a benevolent world where one finally experiences the joy of sharing. I dream of a world where the needs of everyone are heard. I dream of a soothing world where obese people and anorexic people like themselves enough to eat what is good for their health and their pleasure. I dream of a world of love, where chocolate, alcohol and drugs do not fill in for lack of tenderness. I dream of a grateful world where each mouthful of food is tasted like an invaluable gift. I dream of a world where each word spoken is a soothing remedy for oneself and for others. I dream of a world where generosity is not synonymous with sacrifice. I dream of an objective world without a priori, compromise, jealousy, hatred nor competition. I dream of an attentive world where we learn anew how to listen to our satiety and our body. I dream of a conscious and wise world full of Sophie’s who give their love, their enthusiasm and their knowledge, in the service of Life…