How to make your children love cooking and all types of food?

How to make your children love cooking and all types of food? If your darling children like pasta, pizzas, fries and Macdonalds and have gained weight, it’s inevitable that you’ve gone out of your way to let them discover all these wonders. ..

What do you think Eskimo toddlers eat on the ice flow? Well, they eat exactly the same thing as their parents, which is what is found locally, and it is very likely in these areas that it is raw fish or seal.

It’s up to you, conscious parents, to be responsible and show the good way of eating, the delicious way, the healthy way.

Babies, they drink milk, maternal or from the bottle, then start to eat pots, industrial pots in general, unless you have taken the time to cook. These pots are made from vegetables, meat, chicken, fish , fruit, and they all have the same taste!

Taking the time, when your children are babies and toddlers to cook small meals that will be the basis of their diet, and put all your imagination and all your love, is your first big role in your life as parents because the health of your children will depend on it for the rest of their lives.

It is in these mixed preparations that you have to start mixing everything … Mix all the vegetables, all the fresh herbs, and give them the widest possible glimpse of all these combinations that exist in nature. Ditto with all the fruits, make variations with each meal, and introduce every day something new … A spice, a new flavor, use your head, but do it and widen the sensory fields of your children.

Better, take them with you to the market or wherever you shop, organic farms, or supermarkets, whatever.

Make them discover with you a cooking workshop, a show of gastronomy, certain regions organise culinary festivals, take them to huge markets like Rungis, they will be able to glimpse the vastness of these places of supply, which provide the restaurants and the grocery stores, take them to the discovery of the regional cuisine, bring your children to the restaurant, and not to the Macdo … Please, not Macdo or KFC …

Talk to them about how these foods are grown, where they come from, how to cook them, how to preserve them, and if you do not know it yourself, ask the traders for information, or simply Google it.

Take a weekly tour of the markets and then come up with a cooking theme on your way home:

« Today we’re going to make applesauce and baked apples »

« Today we are going to make raspberry and mango coulis »

« Today we’re going to make cakes and ice cream, or a smoothie »

« Mom will teach you how to make soup and recognize vegetables … »

« Dad will show you how to roast a nice chicken … »

Buy them beautiful cookbooks, and especially make them participate in your preparations.

Take the time to do it, put on some music and stage these magical moments.

Look after the set up and the presentations, show them the importance of these moments of sharing and happiness.

Take photos, give them the desire …

Do the tasting, children love to lick wooden spatulas or put their fingers in the bottom of a bowl, let them do it …

Show them also your cooking tips, how not to use the wrong products …

example the fat that is completely useless for cooking, or how to sweeten your desserts without sugar, using for some preparations birch bark (Xylitol)

  • For parents who have absolutely no time to do it during the week, find a time on the weekend or during the holidays, or ask a relative, a friend to do it for you.

Le plus important, c’est surtout de mettre en place un mode de vie basé autour du temps que l’on prends pour pouvoir le faire.

For parents who have absolutely no time to do it during the week, find a moment at the weekend or during the holidays, (the freezers are made for that) or ask a parent, a friend to do it for you

Register your children for organic cooking workshops … Talk to the teachers and teachers.

It is clear that the discovery of cooking, should be taught at school, before history and geography, pity, really a pity that this is not the case. As it one of the greatest joys in life, a necessity but one in which we share everything with everyone we care about.


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