Our children are the first world victims of a deadly disease called « obesity »

« Scientists are sounding the alarm »
British experts have recently concluded “we are entering an era where parents would be the first generation of parents to witness the death of their children because of obesity.”

To cure or prevent a disease, it must first be recognized…
To understand this scourge, which has become the second leading cause of death in the world after famine, and which threatens the lives of our children, and that of humanity as a whole, we need to know what this disease is, which affects and degrades people. Individually, physically, emotionally, psychically and socially.

Scientific definition of obesity:
Obesity is defined by scientists as being excess weight, or adipose tissue (fat mass) due to a high caloric intake of the individual. In other words, being fat is eating too much, or too bad.
I will certainly look for the second option.
But being fat, or obese, is also expected to have a significant impact on our health, since being obese subjects the affected individual to the « risk factors » associated with this accumulation of fat in the body. Obesity, which was recognized as a disease by WHO in 1997, is also responsible for other diseases already recognized:
(Diabetes, insulin resistance, hyperlipidaemia, high blood pressure, respiratory failure, sleep apnoea syndrome are the diseases most at risk of being overweight.) More than 80% of diabetic’s non-insulin-dependent patients are obese, and 30% of those with significant obesity are diabetic. Abdominal obesity, otherwise called « android », or visceral (characterized by an increase in fat inside the abdominal cavity) promotes the development of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

First non-contagious epidemic in the history of humanity:
The planet is experiencing a real genetic mutation; since it is now 60% of this constantly increasing scourge affects the world’s population.
The unhealthy food we eat for one hundred and fifty years, too fat, too sweet and too chemical, corresponding to the birth of the agro-industrial era, is mainly responsible for it, as well as our sedentarization linked to the birth of new technologies, which allows us to stop making any movement…

We eat toxic foods that are killing us, and we do not move anymore!!!
At the bottom, there was the land and the men, and what was needed for the men to feed themselves was what nature had to offer them. Its fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. But besides, we ran, we walked, we used to get this food, and were more in touch with nature and its energy. Thus from generation to generation, we have been able to live and survive. But today times have changed, and that’s what we eat and how we eat that kills us. We are swamped with unhealthy food and products in supermarkets, fast food, and more and more restaurants. And the new technologies leave us inert and immobile, locked in offices or in our homes, in front of machines, computers, TV sets, in front of game consoles, in our cars…

If we love our children, it is high time to react!!!!
It is obvious that we all love our children, but unfortunately,
we make many mistakes as to how to feed them, or even to frame them in a healthy lifestyle, since starting with ourselves, we are very badly informed, on what is good or harmful of do or not, deceived by publicists, or lazy, sometimes we do not know at all what to do.

That’s why I propose to offer you each month, a section about obesity and overweight of our children, to help you daily towards healthy living rules, which will help prevent the imbalances of your children’s nutrition. , your entire family, or help your overweight or obese children on the path to recovery.
Every month, I’ll remind you what the good and bad foods are, and give you healthy and balanced recipes for your kids. Tips that will allow you to make them resume good habits, but also that they will regain their taste for food they have shunned or ignored. Parents often tend to look for ease, and do not seek to win over their children, who instinctively prefer to always eat the most fatty, sweet and harmful foods, because these bad products reassure them. And in your opinion, why so??? Because a lot of parents think that it is important to reward a child who has been wise, or who cries, or who has hurt himself, by giving him sweets, sweets, sweets, chocolates, or crisps or fries, all kinds of dirt, which obviously makes children happy, and parents have at least the feeling of having made them happy, or calmed for a moment, without knowing that they are making their children « addicts’ ».

But when we know that sugar is a deadly drug, just as the heroin can be, then we should say, attention danger!!!!

The fight of the food education of the parents and the children remains a fight to lead and to win.
To love one’s children is to give them the best, not the worst.
To love his children is to educate them to eat well, to eat healthy, to live in harmony with nature, its rhythms, its seasons, and not to fill caddies in desperate quest for the worst products of chips, pizzas, pasta, Sandwiches, fries, soft drinks, chocolates, cereals, to nibble whole days in front of the TV, to have peace.
I am also ready to respond to letters from readers, parents or children, who feel concerned.
But let’s already do for this one a little inventory of fixtures and a list of imperative instructions

• Sugar is our number one enemy. It is a real drug and a poisonous and deadly poison, as well as all its derivatives from the baking, dairy, or other industries: coated cereals, biscuits, industrial cakes, ice creams, Eskimos, yogurts or sweetened dairy desserts, cakes, chocolate bars, chocolate spread, jam, sweets, sodas and other industrial fruit juices stuffed with sugar. All these products are chemical, the flavours are artificial, and we add harmful fats, hydrogenated oils or trans fatty acids)

Sugar and its derivatives should be replaced by: fructose (fruit sugar), wholegrain bread with butter and honey, biscuits and homemade cakes with good products, (but only twice a month, weekend for example), fruits, and dairy products at 0% fat, fresh squeezed fruit juice, seasonal fruits of all kinds.

Fats are harmful, difficult to eliminate by the body, and especially useless: such as oil (all oils) and all products or fried foods, fries of all kinds, donuts, French fries, but also the oil added to dishes in sauces and salads, without this being justified. A child does not need more than a teaspoon of olive oil a day. The oil contained in the chips is also discouraged. But still fresh creams, whipped cream, margarine is also totally harmful and avoid, as well as cheeses too fat, and fatty meats such as mutton, sausages, salami and other cold cuts.

These fat must be replaced by: other cooking methods such as barbecue, grill, baking bag, steamed, poached, and for salads, just a few drops of oils are enough. Also use water or chicken broth diluted in the auto cook at the stove.
Give them lean cheeses, and plain yogurts in which you can add honey or fructose. Give your kids food for vegetables, and even if it’s a fight, it’s up to you to win it. Vegetables are essential as fruits to their health. Eggs, meat and fish are also essential staple foods for their construction and health capital;

Meals or slow sugars, starchy foods, fast food sandwiches, and pizzas are to be avoided. Like tons of table bread, because it’s a very bad habit Pasta should only be present once a week, and rice too.

Bread, pasta and flours are to be replaced by:
Whole-wheat bread (one to two slices a day is enough for your children). They can eat sandwiches once a week as you prepare them at home with good fresh foods, vegetables, and roast chicken, roast beef. Pasta, once a week with small sauces made from vegetables and meat (cooked in broth), or rice, lentils, beans, peas, or potatoes, but choose one of those farinaceous foods that once a week. The rest of the time, remember that there is a wide variety of vegetables much more interesting for them, crudity, soup, cooked, or grilled. Teach your children to discover other foods with you.
Bet on the lightest natural foods.

Prove to your children that you love them by teaching them to eat healthy and light, but while showing them the good example, and by eating healthy food too.
But your role is also to introduce them to a sport or family walks, do not let them become static beings almost inanimate, this is not the way they must take to be happy.

* There are 22 million children in the world today who are five years old. In 2010, one in ten children will be obese. The likelihood of overweight or obesity persisting in adulthood varies with the age of the child. It can be 20-50% in children before puberty. It goes to 50-70% for adolescent obesity.