Faire mes études à l’étranger, m’a fait prendre des kilos de mauvaises habitudes…
The life of a student is fraught with difficulties and involves, especially when studying abroad, many quite radical changes.

First of all we lose our bearings, but we must also learn to fend for ourselves, to cook, or if we do not really want to start learning how to cook, to eat anything that is easy and quick, it is a choice, but it is a practical choice, and one which I often opted for as did many on campus.

And we stress for our work, the pace of the courses has accelerated and that takes us out of our comfort zone. We have no one to talk to regarding this discomfort. No more gentle hugs from her Mom, no more kind and comforting words, no more delicious little dishes that cheer us up when we’ve had a hard day at school.

Life on campus is also rounds of parties, collective meals, not necessarily very healthy, outings, weekends, many events between universities, and new freedoms that are ultimately binding. All this is supposed to be easy, let’s face it, we passed our baccalaureate, now we are mature, and responsible …

Client testimonial.

« So I took a lot of weight during my studies, and found myself in a very complicated situation when I came back home, with a lot of very bad eating habits.

My mother did not know at all how to help me, she also had put on a lot of weight while I was away because she had a lot of stress and that’s how we ended up one day, side by side on Sophie’s sofa to ask for help.

Sophie made us start, and in three months Mom and I had lost about 15 kilos, without any massive changes. The program was easy, everything was in good humour and convivial, I loved the cooking classes, and that we relaxed each time during the tasting that followed each course.

The re-initiation sessions sport were also good, and the coaching was stimulating and very interesting, it allowed me to rectify a lot of bad behaviours I do not recommend and replace them with small tips of genius to make your life much simpler and much healthier too.

The important thing is to become aware of what are the effects over time of this disorganisation of life, which ends up leaving traces and disturbs us. We are all able to live well by just making a few changes, and Sophie’s program is easy to maintain and above all very very efficient, I highly recommend it to all my friends. »»