Doctor Albert Chocron was born in fes, morocco in 1949 but eventually settled in paris. For the last 20 years, he has enjoyed the prestige of being the most sought-after nutritionist in international show biz circles. His infallible weight-loss method helps patients shed excess weight in a healthy and balanced way, while enjoying themselves at the same time. Scientifically speaking, dr. Chocron´s method has proven to be an excellent way to settle and minimize the risks of cardiovascular complications, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), high cholesterol levels, auto-immune diseases attacking the joints, and sleep apnea. Dr. Chocron is a specialist in cardiology, pediatrics, rheumatology, oncology, and nutrition. He has recently been appointed president of the moroccan scientific committee.

Sophie Reverdi’s Innovative Approach to Weight Loss

“When I first met Sophie Reverdi, in 2001, she was having problems losing the 80 pounds she gained while she was pregnant with twins. I had her follow my diet plan and within a few months she had lost all her excess weight. She was amazed by the results.

Sophie confided to me that she had tried many diets in the past which were not a good fit for her personality as an obese woman. She felt that mine was, by far, the eating plan best suited to what she refers to as a “particular” personality. She revealed to me the story of her lifetime struggle with obesity and her desire to help others suffering from this condition.

After she explained her concept to me, I was immediately struck by her innovative idea: combining an attractive, balanced and healthy diet with a coaching method that encourages and motivates overweight patients. Moreover, I found her idea of preparing gastronomic recipes out of the permitted list of foods to be an excellent one.

I followed the evolution of Smart and Light closely and am delighted that such a beneficial program could finally see the light of day. I believe many people struggling with overweight and obesity have been waiting for such a program. I admire the fact that Sophie was able to turn her years of suffering into a weight-loss program that is both effective and lays a firm foundation for tangible results, therapeutically speaking.

The Logbook: The Essence of the Smart and Light Philosophy

The logbook not only shows readers the right path to take but also invites them to reflect upon their own unique situation as an individual suffering from obesity. The personal journal section is particular touching as it demonstrates the many different hardships overweight people must overcome at each stage of their transformation until the moment when they finally achieve the weight-loss goal and body image they’ve been longing for.

The Smart and Light program includes one-on-one coaching in which various topics such as understanding how food is metabolized, basic dietary principles, the basic structure of the eating plan, healthy cooking techniques, and the benefits of coaching are explored.

Sophie plans to expand Smart and Light’s sphere of activities to produce “nutritious gourmet meals” for supermarkets, school cafeterias, and home delivery as well as establishing a series of restaurants under the same brand to offer these meals at a reasonable price. When we consider the World Health Organization’s alarming forecast in respect to the increase of obesity in the population, it is apparent that a well-thought-out concept such as the Smart and Light program is worthy of the highest recommendation.

I wholeheartedly wish success to Sophie and the Smart and Light team and am delighted to be a firm and committed supporter.”

A letter from Albert Chocron