I lost a lot of weight and got involved in Sophie’s program. My travel agency, “Dessine-moi le monde (draw me the world)” creates packages for her …
When I met Axelle, thanks to her mother Catherine, who had already done the program with me, I was dazzled by her beauty … She was sincerely very beautiful, even if her extra kilos had blurred a little the outline of this beautiful young woman. She absolutely wanted to recover her figure, because she spent her life travelling to discover new and fantastic places, and often, she had very long walks to do, it was very trying for her. She had just overcome difficult events that had made her gain a lot of weight very quickly. But she was motivated, ultra-motivated, and she started as a champion on the road to her transformation. Hardworking, ready for anything and every effort to repair what had broken. In a few months, by dint of doing everything as it should and even more, Axelle became again the super pretty girl she was. We became very close, and she was very much involved with me to accompany my work that she really believed in, and that she absolutely wanted to represent. She wanted at all costs to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to all their customers in search of well-being, and a better life. Sometimes, the most beautiful trip, is that of our own transformation…

The word of the founders of our partner agency “Draw Me the World”, Axelle Aloisio and Chloé Granger-Riolle:

“Today, in everyday life, we do not really have time to dedicate ourselves to our well-being, and if we manage to find the time to do a SPA once a month, it’s already a good thing. The weekends of Thalasso have had their day, and are not enough to make us start on the right foot. Too short for us to make real profits, and impersonal too. So how? Quite simply, enjoy your vacation to do the right thing and the right way, taking your time, and in a serene and relaxing environment, surrounded if possible by the best professionals.

Both of us have taken a close look at the very original and prestigious offer of the Smart and Light team in Paris, with a personalised high-end coaching, unique, complete and based on the concept of the great organic, dietetic and gourmet cuisine, as well as their unique behavioural coaching method, and the diversity of the coaching offered, to a very high level. They are true specialists, who know their subject well, and their method is incomparable.

So, whether you decide to come to Paris for a week to live such an experience, or you want to live in your home, or elsewhere, we organise for you from A to Z all the logistics of an unforgettable and sensory stay, which should mark a new beginning.”