I’ve literally transformed my life, the story of a pharmacist who had tried everything ….
Try it after trying so many “fad diets”, so different from each other, so much frustration, suffering and disappointments endured … So, one more, why not … .. After three months, the results are there, more than 27 kilos lost and without effort, without anxiety, without deprivation or frustration; everything is to lose bad habits and relearn to eat, but especially to cook much more intelligently.

The spectacular results of one of my young nephews who had lost 50 kilograms were a trigger for me, and made me contact Sophie, a delightful person, who listened to me, encouraged me, supported me, found the right words to explain to me in the smallest details, the Smart and light method and the use of the Road Book, a fabulous and precious document that must be kept by the bedside.

To tell the truth, to be honest, at first I did not believe it, the method seemed so disconcerting to me, and it allowed me to eat a certain number of foods at will. Forgotten, therefore, the food weighing sessions, forgotten too, the plates desperately empty or almost.

The accompaniment I received, helped me a lot. I was supported and encouraged. I witnessed the beneficial transformations of my body almost daily, and as happiness never comes alone, other more comforting changes have occurred as well. A feeling of happiness, well-being, confidence and serenity. Congratulations to Sophie for sharing her experience and allowing me to literally transform my life