My ring was a nightmare, today thanks to Sophie, I do not need it anymore ….
Lose weight to free her from her deadly gastric band.

The story I’m going to tell you today is as poignant and wonderful at the same time as all stories that end well.

When this 28 year old girl arrived in my centre she was not well at all. Apart from a sentimental black period in which she had suffered a great deal, and which had totally destabilised her, she wore a gastric ring which not only did not help her to lose weight, but which pierced her lung, and made her suffer a lot.

She was completely lost and I was very worried about her. It seemed important to me to have her ring removed as soon as possible, but it scared her. She absolutely had to find a motivation to lose weight, and of course, the best program to lose weight. She still did not know what the program could really bring her against the ring. She needed access to natural weight loss. She needed time. But this young lady did a great job on herself, was incredibly diligent, came to do her sport three times a week, confided in me, progressed, found her marks, to find work, embellished day by day, to start going out again, to see people, to laugh, to live. In 5 months, she had lost 35 kilos.

But her ring continued to hurt her, and we talked a lot. I told her that she did not need it anymore, and that she could take it off now. And that’s what she did. Today, she shines, she is a splendid young woman, fulfilled and happy, in every facet of her life.

Here is an excerpt from her testimony:

“The ring was a nightmare, thanks to the Smart and Light program, I do not need it anymore !!!!! ”

At the age of fifteen, I reached the weight of 130 kilos. I tried, as I think a lot of people, all kinds of diets, low-calorie diets, fat-free diets, high protein, appetite suppressant, high-protein sachets … With this kind of long-term untenable diet, I was only doing the same thing. yo-yo. Then at the age of 26, seeing many reports on television on the gastric band or other surgeries for obese, I made an appointment with a specialist in the Paris region to ask for one in desperation . In October 2007, here I am with my gastric band, but for two years, I am going to live a real ordeal ..: Pain of the surgery which does not heal, case of the ring which reopens the scars and which fails, the ring catheter that lodges in my left lung and creates inflammation … all of this happened before I heard about Sophie Reverdi and her Smart and Light program.

I contact Sophie, and begin to follow her program to lose weight, always with my ring that continues to make me suffer. It was in September 2009, the first week of the program, seeing the scale show 6 kilos less, I was very eager to continue and regained hope. In October 2009, I was hospitalised because of an inflammation of the lung caused by the wire of the ring and decided, in agreement with the surgeon, to have it removed in February 2010. Thanks to the program Smart and Light, and to the team, I lost more than thirty kilos in five months. Today I have no ring, I have not gained weight, and I feel much better.

I think this testimony is interesting for a good number of people who were about to attempt this type of obesity surgeries. Personally I do not encourage you to do it, and the testimony of this girl was very important, because it speaks of a certain reality. Congratulations to this amazing young woman, congratulations for her remarkable journey, I am very very proud to have been able to reach out and guide her.

A big thank you to Sophie and her team of Smart and Light for their support and encouragement.”

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