My message to all women in the world, this program is for you!
“I live in Los Angeles and I am a musician, singer and music therapist. I love my job, because I like the idea of ​​doing me good and doing good for others through one of the greatest and noble artistic achievements music, which is also life.

I would like to say to all women who gain weight for whatever reason, that this program is for you.

In my case, it was my pregnancy but the happiness of having a baby is worth all the kilos of the world.

I think it’s interesting to share our experiences of women’s lives with each other, and so after having followed Sophie’s accompaniment for a few months on Skype, I regained my health weight.”

“We must not despair, because we are the masters of our body, and it is Sophie who made me realise it. This program is suitable for all women and all new Moms in the world.

Not only are we learning good practices for ourselves and our children, we also find ourselves and learn to do everything better, and it allows us to become more fulfilled and great Moms.

Thank you my Sophie, so start ladies, you’ll love this program that gives incredible energy!”