Courgette and prawn skewers

Courgette and prawn skewers (1 person)


4 medium sized prawns 1 courgette salt and pepper, 1 tablespoon soy sauce juice of 1/2 lemon ¼ bunch of fresh coriander pinch of garlic powder pinch of ginger powder pinch of paprika  (sweet or spicy) 1 teaspoon Xylitol 2 wooden stick for skewer.

Preparation (20 minutes)

  1. Put your grill or plancha to heat
  2. Wash the courgette then cut into thin slices
  3. Marinate 5 minutes to 10 minutes your cleaned prawns, and your slices of zucchini, in a large bowl with a little lemon juice, chopped fresh coriander, salt and pepper, a little garlic and ground ginger. powder, a pinch of paprika, a drizzle of light soy sauce, and Xylitol.
  4. Add a slice of zucchini and a prawn and repeat the process. Same on the second skewer.
  5. Put on your grill or hot plate and cook for 2 minutes on each side.
  6. Cross your kebabs, and add a little chopped coriander before serving.

* Present with a quarter of lemon or zests on the plate