I was not a good example for my children, and I was very angry with myself…

I believe that our first duty as parents, especially Mothers, as we are often in charge of running and maintaining the health of our children, is knowing how to prepare a healthy and balanced cuisine for our family. It is also our duty to be an example for our children in our way of life, in our way of being and in our way of presenting ourselves to them and the way we manage our problems.

“I did not know how to do it, I felt helpless on several levels, I had grown enormously after my pregnancies, and I was not at all aware of the disaster that I was preparing for myself. I was about to turn 30 when I met Sophie Reverdi for the first time, but my 30 kilograms of overweight, gave me the appearance of a 45-year-old woman, an unhealthy 45 year old.

Not only at the level of my features and my body, but these ungrateful kilos forced me to hide under broad and basic clothes that did not look like me, leaving behind my personality behind, cutting it short.

So, I was passively melting into this new image that I had imposed upon myself with all these superfluous kilos, and became in a way, a “foreigner” who ended up forgetting, hopeful to be unnoticed.

I no longer need to wear makeup or pomp, elegance and grace are no longer appropriate in these circumstances. And yet, I was in the prime of my life, it seemed to me that 30 years old should  have been extraordinary for a woman and a young mother who should be fulfilled and radiant. I had a very good job in the world of finance, I used to wear chic and feminine outfits that corresponded to me, that made me quite a tribute, but that was “before” …

But today, with these new facts in my life as a woman, I did not rejoice at this corpulence which put me in a situation of being very uncomfortable. I also felt my personality fade and was not not happy.

In addition, I was aware of this pattern and did not want to give this image of the woman to my daughter, it disturbed me a lot, but I was lost, without solutions other than to ask for outside help.

So I started the program I had heard a lot about, but I did not dare to start, feeling incapable but I did finally start. Very quickly everything has taken a harmonious dimension in my life, I finally found myself as I had always known. I found my strength, my self-esteem, as a woman, as a wife and as a Mother, as a professional, I found my femininity, my silhouette as a girl, my coquetry, my desire to make me pretty and smile again. I overflowed again with life and voluptuousness.

I lost in a few months the 30 kilos that hurt me so much, and I especially learned to cook healthy, fantastic recipes, easy to reproduce, it became the norm, a organisation of life, systematic but simple and most of all welcome. My children supported me and even loved my recipes that they also helped me to prepare, it was a whole, we all succeeded together.

Today, I have only one regret, having hesitated so long before throwing myself and calling Sophie. Why, I explained to myself, are we so afraid of change, especially when we are unhappy?”