I felt confident because in front of me was an ex obese
“I am a man who tries to share his time between his work in a bank, his family, and a charity that I founded for children and that is very dear to me, Inara.

I learned about the concept of Sophie Reverdi, Smart and Light, by a friend who knew her work well and her many successes. So I could not procrastinate.

During our first interview, Sophie was very reassuring and gave me confidence, and I realised quickly that I could finally lose all those extra kilos that undermined me.

I felt understood because I was facing an ex obese, who knew the difficulties faced by overweight people. So I thought Sophie and I did well. At the end of the first week of the program, I  lost 5 kilos, without frustration and with a high morale. I was not the same man anymore.

The ease of the method, the kilos that fly effortlessly from me still seem miraculous today. My wife, who is a doctor, is also happy because she was very worried about my health.

At the end of reading the 60-day Sophie’s Diary, I lost 18 kilos, and in a few months I finished losing more than 35 kilos, all of which were located in my abdomen, which was not only annoying but dangerous …

I want to thank Sophie who has always been there, smiling and welcoming.”