I had lost 150 kilos in my life since I was 13 years old ….
“By dint of regimes followed by failures, I lost in my life more than 150 kilos since the age of 13, but without any results in the long term. It was painful, difficult and it depressed me.

With Sophie’s program, I regained serenity and I am confident because I lost 15 kilos, but mostly I learned and understood all the essentials that I did not know , so I was able to remain thin.

I lost weight not only without any frustration, but on the contrary discovering sensory and pleasant cuisine that I could eat in unlimited quantities, and that made all the difference.

The logbook, which lists the principles of Sophie’s gastronomic and light cuisine, gives us access to all these possibilities.

But the method of Sophie Reverdi goes beyond that, it allows us to take care of ourselves and become our own coach forever, while benefiting from a completely personalised and intense coaching, in order to perpetuate this essential learning and avoid any possible relapse.

Congratulations to you Sophie, for sharing your experience and this unique transformation program that is an invaluable gift.”