Light vanilla custard

Light vanilla custard: (2 servings) * custard can only be kept in the fridge for 2 days!


7/20 liter of 0% fat milk or the equivalent of a tall glass, 2 egg yolks, 1 vanilla pod, 35 g of Xylitol.

Preparation: (20 minutes)

  1. Cut your vanilla stick in half lengthwise and remove the seeds with a teaspoon.
  2. Put the milk, the vanilla seeds and the two cut pieces of the pod in a saucepan until the milk has boiled.
  3. In the meantime, whiten your egg yolks with Xylitol, that is, whisk them manually in a large bowl or salad bowl.
  4. Then pour the vanilla milk that has slowly boiled into the blanched eggs and beat with a hand whisk until a layer of white foam forms on the surface.
  5. For everything into a saucepan that you put on the fire in a pan half filled with water (bain-marie).
  6. The mixture should cook very slowly over low heat, and do not forget to mix with a wooden spatula all the time.
  7. Make it, until your custard laps the spoon.
  8. Then set aside in an airtight glass jar, let cool and place in the fridge.