Omelette with tomatoes tuna and rocket

Omelette with tomatoes, tuna and rocket  (1 person)


2 eggs 2 tomatoes 1 small can of line caught tuna in water Handful of rocket leaves 1 sprig of fresh dill 1 pinch of salt and pepper Pinch of oregano, and for the vinaigrette, edible paraffin oil, balsamic vinegar, gherkins or capers and onions.

Preparation (10 minutes)

  1. Cut a tomato into small cubes, then add it to a beaten egg, as well as crumbled tuna, a few rocket, salt and pepper.
  2. Cook 8-9 min in a bain-marie.
  3. Arrange with a sliced tomato, decorate with rocket leaves, sprinkle dill over tomatoes and season with a vinaigrette.

** Vinaigrette: chopped gherkins (chopped capers), mustard chopped onions, balsamic vinegar a tablespoon of pep