Richard DIAN

A parisian cardiologist born in tunis, dr. Richard dian has been practicing at the alleray-labrousse clinic for twenty-five years. The clinic is the largest private cardiology and rythmology center in paris. He is also a consultant at the st. Felicity maternity clinic, where he specializes in the cardiovascular problems faced by many pregnant women.

The Obesity Pandemic Spreads

In France, health authorities are launching the third national prevention plan to combat obesity. Despite the efforts of educational and medical personnel, not to mention the media, the problem continues to get worse. The same situation holds true at the international level. Though starvation is rampant in some parts of the globe, the obesity crisis continues to spread. Obesity, as a disease, depends more on a lack of essential nutrients than on the total quantity of food consumed.

The Costs and Consequences of this Scourge

In rich countries, the prevalence of obesity is inversely proportional to income or social status, and emerging economies are no longer spared. Once we understand the costs of this scourge on the overall health expenditure, it is plain to see that this fight is a public health issue on a human, individual, and economic level. It is important to support an initiative based on the teaching of good dietary habits. The Smart and Light concept, for example, is a good choice in this regard.

Smart and Light is a method that goes beyond an effective diet plan. Its philosophy promotes individual awareness and each case becomes an example in its own regard. I am pleased to work with Sophie Reverdi in the elaboration of such a program.