Mocked and harassed at school because he is “fat”, this teen was determined by all means to change and he succeeded.
I am always very proud and happy with the successes of my clients and the feeling that I helped them, as they help to stimulate me, in my efforts and my research to improve the Smart and Light’s coaching program. My participants all teach me something. The pain I endured as a child and teenager at school because I was overweight, is probably one of the reasons that made me want to devote my life to helping other children.

Today I’m going to tell you about a thirteen year old boy. When he comes to see me for the first time with his mother he is shy enough and has thirty kilos to lose. I have a little trouble making him talk and I think this was the first time I’d faced a child his age. What saves me is that my two sons are exactly the same age as him and I decide to communicate with him, as I do with them. What strikes me is that he knows exactly why he is here. He is very clear in his answers and does not beat around the bush. He suffers from constant mockery at school and gets no support. It prevents him from blossoming, and he is very unhappy. He is ready for anything so he does not have to endure this anymore and he is clearly asking me to help him.

I focus on the field, a specific dialogue to explain the program in a striking way, because I want him to integrate everything easily. And it is in front of him that will be born in my head the story of the island and the shipwreck that I use now in my coaching; he thinks it’s great and this inspired me as I know that the idea of ​​the island can also serve other participants of whatever age.

This young boy, returns regularly every Wednesday and changes visibly, he grows in height his face is happy, he feels good when he is here, his mother tells me that he never cheats that he literally follows the program to the letter, then she does not return. In seven months he loses 30 kilos and gains nearly 10cm, it is a staggering transformation; he is smiling bright, very handsome and he is thrilled … his grades at school are increasing in all subjects, he impresses me so much. And every time he comes, I ask him “how did he do it?” He is always surprised at my question, and laughs, “as you told me.” But deep down, I knew very well how he had done it. He had such a clear vision of what he no longer wanted to live and no longer be, that nothing could stop him anymore.

Here is an excerpt from his testimony which is really very touching. “As soon as I started this slimming program with Sophie Reverdi, I immediately felt that it would work for me, and it worked. I was right!! Everyone admired my change, everyone liked this change, and I was encouraged to continue until the end. I lost 25 kg in less than 5 months and completely changed my body and my face. But my personality has also changed a lot and has taken a good turn. I left the field of mockery and everything else … I quickly lost those kilos and just as quickly, I was not looked at the same way. People no longer thought of me the same way … Sometimes I wonder what I would have become if I had not done this program. “

It is very touching, because moreover it is the words of a child, and that touches me particularly. Thanks to him for showing us that a 13-year-old can be as determined as an adult, and that it’s easier to put your finger on the place that hurts us, the quicker we get it. When you know exactly what you want, and what you do not want, you have much more strength to succeed. Thank you for your inspiration and see you soon.

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