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This little boy who wanted to lose weight to help his Dad …
Sometimes there are stories that are truly wonderful. Stories that are a bit like Christmas tales that can also become legends, since the main character of the story, even if he is only 9 years old, is a hero. I had, when I met this hero, been working at my centre for almost 8 years and was well established, my professional reputation allowed me to have many varied clients. I had, in all these years of practice had clients in almost all situations related to the epidemic of obesity.I had cared for women and men of all ages, and teenagers too, all with weight problems.I had also taken care of children, and found myself very often with cases of morbid obesity in children that were very young and the numbers were constantly increasing. When necessary, I helped the Mothers change their bad habits when cooking or shopping so that the whole household could enjoy, starting with the children. It’s crazy, that even with love and the best intentions, we can make the worst mistakes in the diets of our children.Unfortunately for me, I see this on a daily basis.

So I started thinking about my own story. It is often said that fat children carry the full weight of the world on their backs, and I remembered how I handled my parents’ problems when I was very young. Instead of living like a child, I was obsessed with their adult problems. I tried to become them to think like them or for them, and in this process, I completely ignored my own existence. The only thing I could do for me was to refuel, food. But 40 years ago, childhood obesity was rare, obesity was rare too, and there was no internet. I thought how powerful a message could be, if the right person got it, it was pretty impressive to hear him speak. So, this cute little boy started his program to lose weight with me. He came three times a week to participate in the sports and coaching sessions, and he really sacrificed time, energy and effort, because he wanted to be an example for his Father. His Mother also came often and we taught her to cook super light and fun recipes for every occasion, and especially the good foods to lose weight. The boy was always there and wanted to learn how to cook light and healthy also. He appreciated every part of the program. His determination was immense and continued to grow as the results became evident. He was the happiest kid in the world.

Here is a small excerpt from his testimony:

“I decided to lose weight alone. Smart and Light was an excellent program to lose weight, and I really managed to lose weight easily and quickly. I lost 12 kg and it was not difficult. I found that it really taught me something, and I am very happy to have lost weight and to be like all other boys today. I am happy to have learned to live a healthy life, to take care of myself, to cook very good light desserts, lightened smoothies that I have the right to eat, but also to have fun making them.


” To learn more about the psychosocial aspects of obesity in children and adolescents: